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I was born with ADHD which is apart of Mental Health. To know more about my story then please Click Here. I seen that theses domain names was open to the public to buy. So I bought theses domain names aka website names to protect Uber brand  from Scammers buying theses domain names from the open public registry like (Godaddy). If the scammers had bought theses domain names they could have created a look a like website of Uber and also theses domain names come with it own email.

So I created a email to show you that it is real.  and then they can send out emails to millions of people and have them to go to the look a like website and  have them enter in there person information. That when the scammers still there personal information. Which now look bad for the

Uber Brand because now let say that millions got there person information was stolen because they went to the look a like Uber website from the email. Now out the millions of people 2 million people file a law suit again the Uber Company. May cost Uber $Billions $Billions $Billions $Billions of Dollars in Legal Fees and pay out money to all millions victims for the damages that was causes by the scammers if they have own theses website names.

This would be a very bad look on Uber Company and you would lose rest of your customers trust to continue want to do any business with you. I would hate to see that happen to you.   

So I am looking to give up for free if I could meet with the board of director... Thanks

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